War Rules

We take our wars very seriously here and war participation (meaning using both attacks) is mandatory for all Failed Saint members. We aim to dominate and win and bring home that loot! This list of guidelines is intended to make every single one of the Failed Saint warriors reach their full warring potential, and to make us the strongest, toughest team we can possible be.


Only the TOP MEMBERS in the clan are permitted to donate to war castles. We only allow maxxed troops in War Castles. If you can’t donate maxxed troops, please don’t donate.


When a war is initiated the home page on this site will be updated with an entry about the team we are up against. Within this post, players who want to claim a specific base must comment on the entry, leaving their player name and the number of the base they are claiming. Players are only allowed to claim one base and bases must be claimed and attacked within the first 6 hours of war. CLAIMED BASES TAKE PRIORITY OVER RECOMMENDED BASES! What this means is that if your rec has been claimed by someone else on our blog, you must wait until they attack it first before you are allowed to.


At FAILED SAINTS we ask that you abide by the “within 3” standard. What this means is that you are permitted to attack your equally ranked base, within 3 above your rank, or within 3 below your rank on the war map. For more details about this system, please refer to the “Choosing A War Opponent” button above. The most important thing is that you bring home the stars while leaving some meat on the bone for our lower level players. It is always our goal to win as a team, so be sure to think of the other members before thinking about your own glory.


Clash has been around for some time now and there have been some really amazing and effective strategies developed. Bring these strategies to war (leave your 2 star strategies or barching armies at home) Some of these strategies are outlined under the “War Workshop” button at the top of the page.


DO NOT put anything in the corners on your base map. Yes its a neat trick that occasionally (read VERY rarely) pays off where you depend on your opponent to miss one of your corners and time out. Well guess what? Were planning for the smart opponents, not the stupid ones. If you put buildings in your corners you are creating a place for your strong war castle troops to be lured into and destroyed. Keep all parts of your base within range of defensive weapons. It will make your base much harder to take down. Research and build ANTI-3-STAR BASES! Don’t copy well known bases off the internet. Because they are well known – people have figured out how to destroy them. Don’t do it.


“Cherry Picking” (attacking a base that has left their TH outside of their walls solely for the monetary gain of the loot bonus) is NOT PERMITTED. If an opponent has left their TH outside this gives us the opportunity to pull a minimum of 2 stars from that base. Our members must be able to pull at least 2 stars from a base with the TH left out in the open. We play as a team and we play for the win. Looting will only be permitted in the last 90 minutes of any war and it must be approved by the leadership team beforehand. Looting will also only be permitted for players who have used one of their attacks to get stars for our team and contributed to our win.


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