Clan Rules

So you want to be a Failed Saint… good. Were always on the look out for top talent and serious/mature players. Take a look at the requirements below and if you think you fit the bill, we would love to have you join our ranks.


New members are in a trial period. During their trial, new members will be judged on their performance in their first war with the Failed Saints. Our leadership team will evaluate how the new member used their own troops in battle, and how effective their chosen war strategy was. A new member is required to attack someone at their same Town Hall level, or one Town Hall level lower. We are gauging whether or not the player is able to pick an even match for themselves, which would demonstrate their grasp of their own capabilities. DO NOT ATTACK CLAIMED TARGETS! On the home page section of this blog a new thread will be started for each war. War participants who want to claim a specific base to attack must write their username and which base number they are calling out, as a comment on the war thread for the current war.


Elder status is earned. “How is it earned?” you may ask? Well lets put it this way: The Failed Saints clan has a Dropbox folder that contains the war and season stats for every player in the clan. Perform exceptionally (war, donations, active and helpful in chat, etc.) and you will be noticed and in time you will be promoted accordingly. How does one not receive elder status? By asking for it.


Pretty much the exact same speech as the one for achieving Elder status. Put in your time, be exceptional, it will be noted, and you will receive your promotion accordingly.


For this clan there really isn’t a specific donation rule except for this: don’t be greedy. Donate to your team mates and in-turn you will be donated to. If it is ever felt that a members donations are too low, it will be discussed amongst the leadership in the clan (elders, co-leaders, and leader) and then the member will be asked to participate more in donations. Just try to donate as much as you ask for and it will be smooth sailing.


All Leadership (elders, co-leaders, and leader) will be required to use the GroupMe app for offline communication. This app will be used for discussions about new members, war participation, clan issues, etc.


Except for extreme cases, NO ONE will be kicked out of this clan without warning. Every decision made in this clan will be made with the best interest of the team in mind. All leadership within the clan will be polled on every matter, before a decision is finalized. The definition of “extreme cases” is at the discretion of the leadership and may be redefined on a case by case basis.

Have a question about something that isn’t listed here? Feel free to ask in our clan chat room and someone will gladly answer your question. In this clan, playing for the TEAM is the most important thing. We want to build strong players, dominate, and have a great time while doing it all. Thanks for checking out the Failed Saints. We hope that you will call our clan your clashing home.



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