Picking Your War Opponent

Hi! I’m Capt. Teague and I’m a Clashoholic…

I wouldn’t call myself an expert of any kind but I do have a lot of experience at war and have been taught by top tier war players in the past. A lot of my knowledge comes from Youtubers Jake from “OneHive” and “Powerbang” from Wiz Honor Face, among others. I also had the honor to be in a clan with the War General “DravenousDraven”. This guy 3*s max TH10s.

This write up is aimed at TH9s and TH8s. I do have some info on TH10s but I am not one so I wont give advice on that townhall…yet.

GoWipe and GoWiWi are “safe” war comps but will typically only yield 2*s. In top serious war clans, TH9vsTH9 2* is considered a fail. TH8vsTH8 2* is considered a fail. TH10vsTH10 2* is considered a success. With that said, GoWiWi has its uses (scouting) and by simply adding a strike team (hogs/loons), you can start delivering 3* attacks at war more often. In order for you to become a 3* warmonger, you will need lots of practice and lots of fails. *Its OK to fail* as long as you learn from mistakes and adjust for your next attack. Point out what went wrong in clan chat, be honest but don’t be harsh on yourself. Its a nice day when I can bring in 6*s in a war but that isn’t always the case. I fail A LOT. But it doesn’t discourage my will to keep practicing. Practicing in global =/= practicing at war. We all want to perform the BEST at war but in order to advance, you need fails and you need to learn the do’s and dont’s

I’ll try not to give you too much wall of text and its easier to learn with video so I’ll link some vids from my clans webpage and youtubers.

First off, a few things to remember when attempting 3* attacks…
• Kill Squad (KS) should always aim to take out multiple targets: AQ, Double Giant Bomb(s) (dgb) for hoggers,AD(s) for laloon, wiz towers, xbows are primary targets. The more defenses your KS can take down, the better.
• Always save a pocket wiz/loon/hog for clean up. 1 spare troop can help beat the clock.
• Hog Deploy methods: Stream (1-2 fingers), wall and surgical, each have their own advantages on certain bases.
• Know how to efficiently funnel your kill squad so they don’t merry-go-round:https://youtu.be/-kX16Fl03UM
• Know how many Golems to bring (Cold Blood=1, Shattered=2, Stoned=3; Shattered is Common):https://youtu.be/fKoL8yrupvE
Popular TH9 3* War Comps:
GoHo= Golems, Wiz, & Hogs (witch optional)
Laloon= Golems, Lavas, Loons, Wiz
GoVaLo= Golems, Valks, Wiz, Loons
GoHoWiWi= Golems, Wiz, Witches, Hogs
Popular TH8 3* War Comps: 
GoHo= Golem, Wiz & Hogs (CC Witches)
Dragloon 813= 8 Drags, 8 Redloons, 5 CC Deathloons (8 Drags 13 loons), all rage
(Dragloon ZapQuake is a new strat, 2 lights(lv5) and 1 quake kills lv6 AD, extra spell for Rage)
GoVaLo= Golems, Wiz, Valks (2-3 of your own), 3 CC Max Valks+Barb, 10-12 Loons (Use with 4 quakes to core dive)

HoLo= Use Hogs to kill easy target ADs, use Surgical Loons to clean up ATs/WTs


Comp Specific Tips:

GoHo (TH8 & TH9):
I highly recommend TH8s use this comp w/ CC witches+barb. Witches+Wiz will kill any enemy cc and a golem (even level 1) combined with wbs/wiz/witches/king could make a big dent in a base which will help your hog pathing tremendously. My clan uses TH8 GoHo and its so OP its scary sometimes.
TH9s who want to perfect this comp, practice GoHoWiWi (6-12 Hogs MAX), once you get this down, you can start transitioning to a full GoHo (16-24 Hogs). GoHoWiWi is a sort of fail-safe because your GoWiWi part of your raid should be able to take out Town Hall and get the 50%. If done right, hogs will take care of rest of the base. The alternative is GoLoWiWi (w/ Loons) but I recommend Hogs first because easier to learn.

Base Selection: Minimal 2×4 and 2×2 gaps inside base walls.

Deploy Methods: If using GoHoWiWi or hog strike team only taking out a small portion of base, use Stream (1-2 fingers in one spot). If a line of defenses (3-4) are target-able from outside, use Wall of Hogs (Spread enough so they path through the base evenly). If defenses are well spread with many 2×4 and 2×2 spots, use Surgical (3-4 hogs per defense, deploy in clockwise/counter fashion. Use a giant or two to tank before hog deploy)

Golden Rule of GoHo: Knowing where your hogs will path is the bread and butter of this comp. Learn hog pathing and you’ll know where to drop heals properly and you will be able to multitask with ease in a live raid.

LaLoon (TH9+):

This comp can be fickle and is very base dependent. A poorly dropped troop or spell could mean the difference between a 3* and a 0-1*. I am not an expert at LaLoon but I do have lots of failed laloon attacks under my belt and have learned what to do and not to do. This is the best advice I can give. Practice. IN War. You CAN practice in global but its never the same from a war base with full war cc troops/heroes/design.

Base Selection: The best bases to LaLoon typically have air defenses that are in the middle layer of the base (not in the core and not on the outside). Most importantly you want archer towers, xbows, and maybe teslas to cover the air defenses, so hounds will tank them as your loons go in. A good base designer will purposely not have air defenses in the range of their wizard towers, so they attack loons instead of hounds, but with rage/haste spells that won’t matter as much since you can just kill the towers before they do much damage. Then you just want to see what buildings you need to take on the outside to have your loons converge on the air defenses. Drop the loons on the defenses that are currently shooting your hound, and either sprinkle hounds in on air defenses to tank the other defenses as you drop more loons, or wait for your loons to clear that air defense so your hound moves to the next so the new defenses target that hound.

Deploy Methods: When using your standard kill squad (1-2golems), always use surgical deploy in a clockwise/counter fashion, depending on the direction of air sweepers and the location of the kill squad targets. When using Quad/Penta Laloon (I call this YoloLaloon) you want to use a “Loonion” style deploy (wall of loons) behind lavas. Quad/Penta only requires you to kill CC but there is a a big risk if your pups cant kill enemy AQ quickly enough and loons dont catch her in splash dmg. I do NOT recommend yolo laloon unless you understand how to use a standard cold blood or shattered first.

Golden Rule of LaLoon: Pathing is important like GoHo but clean up is a bigger issue with laloon. Take a max CC golem instead of a max CC lava. Your lavas NEED to burst into pups in order for you have enough troops on clean up. Loons are stupidly slow so an alive max lava could hurt you when the clock is ticking during clean up. Pocket Wiz!!


My clan’s website has a lot of these tips/vids compiled here:http://madvillainy.weebly.com/strategy.html and here:http://madvillainy.weebly.com/blog.
If you want to dive deeper into the Clash hole; JTJ Clan is the BEST resource for advanced war tactics. https://jtjclan.wordpress.com

I hope this write up gives some players a little more insight on 3* attacks. I don’t mean to bash any current 3* players in FS in any way, I just noticed some common mistakes in some raids and want to help build you guys into proper war machines. Keep practicing and don’t get discouraged. Fails are just the stepping stones to success. We take this path in all aspects of life. This phone game is no different 😉.

Keep clashin’, keep it dirty, and have fun