Black List

These are the members who are permanently banned from the clan:

  • Raul – Banned at Level 42 – Banned for continually donating troops that were not requested.
  • san – Banned at Level 58 – Banned for repeatedly half assing it in war (only bringing a partial army, going to battle with no spells, going to battle with no war castle)
  • da gay – Banned at Level 64 – Banned for being a repeated no show in war, not using either attack.
  • lord bradley – Banned at Level 43 – Banned for being a repeated no show in war, not using either attack.
  • kenniel – Banned at Level 46 – Banned for continually donating troops that were not requested, and attitude when confronted.
  • mink$ – Banned at Level 49 – Banned for attacking claimed bases, donating troops to war castles when not permitted, and for donating troops in chat that are not requested.
  • Richie Hosea – Banned at Level 41 – Left in the middle of war without using either attack.
  • E master – Banned at Level 60 – After specifically saying he would show up for war, he did not show up for war.
  • Cole – Banned at Level 33 – Repeated no show in back to back wars.
  • % ELITES ROCK % – Banned at Level 43 – Repeated no show in back to back wars.
  • israel – Banned at Level 54 – Extreme vulgarity in clan chat and constantly lying and being untrustworthy.
  • hurculys – Banned at Level 45 – Didn’t use either of his attacks in multiple wars (No Show twice)
  • Adi – #8GC09YG0 – tried recruiting members for his own, new clan in our clan chat.
  • Kurtmoite – Banned at Level 75 – Left during his evaluation war without using either attack and was over all a terrible player (not a team player).
  • MethRdnt – Banned at Level 57 – Failed evaluation by not using either attack in war.
  • ooo – Banned at Level 29 – Showed no improvement whatsoever in multiple (3+) wars. Did not listen to the strategic guidance of his peers.
  • Alec Leal – Banned at Level 36 – Consistently only used one attack in war. Had a bad defeatist attitude about participating in the clan and did not take instruction from his peers.
  • isiah#1 – Banned at Level 31 – Failed first war evaluation. Possesses no simple war strategy skills. (e.g. took an all barb army into war)
  • scraddley07 – Banned at level 62 – Constantly rushed into war with a partial army (no CC, no spells, etc)
  • daniela – Banned at level 92 – repeated no show in war
  • ajith – Banned at level 72 – repeated no show in war
  • michael – Banned at level 61 – executing one of the worst attacks we have ever seen on an opponent who was 30 levels above him in war (trying to attack for loot… and failing miserably)
  • #Lovato1999 – Banned at Level 55 – attacking in war with a partial army/half assing it in war
  • !cezza! – Banned at Level 87 – repeatedly stealing claimed bases
  • ghost – Banned at Level 42 – bailed on the clan after war was started, missing both of his attacks in his first war with FS. Donated non-requested troops to War Castles
  • kevin k – Banned at Level 77 – bailed on the clan after war was started, missing both of his attacks in mandatory weekend war.
  • Tyler – Banned at Level 79 – Missed attacks in a mandatory weekend war. Left the clan instead of taking attacks.
  • marcos reyes – Banned at Level 87 – missed too many attacks in multiple wars
  • :[L34ndro 34]: – Banned at Level 55 – Townhall sniping in war (attacked for loot instead of attacking for the team win)
  • MacIsBack – Banned at Level 50 – Attacked a 3 starred base in war for loot (cherry picked the TH) rather than attacking for stars for the team.
  • BigJ – Banned at Level 45 – did not use either attack in mandatory weekend war
  • king – Banned at Level 88 – constantly stealing claimed bases (3 times in 3 separate wars) and not contributing to the clan (43 donations – almost 700 troops received)
  • Sam – Banned at Level 77 – left the clan after war started leaving both attacks on the table and not contributing troops for the effort.
  • boss – Banned at Level 77 – did not use either attack in mandatory weekend war.
  • >>Zdawg4<< – Banned at Level 58 – Constant no show in war, leaving both attacks unused.
  • Mikayla171996 – Banned at Level 53 – Bailed on weekend war leaving not using either mandatory attack.
  • king – Banned at Level 65 – did not use either attack in weekend mandatory war (left after the war had started) NO MORE MEMBERS NAMED king ARE ALLOWED IN THE CLAN.
  • Spiderman – Banned at Level 55 – Attacked a claimed base in war with a HORRIBLE army (used 52 level 4 goblins)
  • Dr.Zaius – Banned at Level 89 – Attacked a base WAY outside of his team (much lower) and zero starred. Has shown no improvement in war.
  • Elemental_Domo – Banned at Level 91 – has been a constant no show for war.
  • YuvD – Banned at Level 87 – Used gobs as a large portion of his army for war.
  • Ran – Banned at Level 67 – Constant no show for war
  • cameron_wheeler – Banned at Level 92 – No show in mandatory weekend war
  • bradley – Banned at Level 56 – Attacked claimed bases back to back in one war as a new member.
  • Kang – Banned at level 66 – constantly opted out of war. Scammed high level troops for farming during war. Performed terrible in war.
  • kosmanov B – Banned at level 45 – Did an all barb attack in war (level 3 barbs) after specifically being told not to.
  • XXBeastin3XX – Banned at level 71 – Did not show improvement in war. Too much complaining. Not a good team player.
  • chrisopia – Banned at level 79 – Constant no show (uses one or no attacks) and non contributor to war (not putting stars on the board, or not playing all together) Attacks with partial army (no cc)
  • Jordi – Banned at level 89 – Not a team player. Asks to loot bases rather than win stars for the team. Non-performer in wars. Uses a partial army (3 spells instead of 4)
  • bgOm3z5 – Banned at level 84 – no show in war
  • DTFROCCO – Banned at level 113 – using a partial army in war, mostly ineffective war attacks. Not the right attitude for our team.
  • Kickass – Banned at level 87 – horrible team player, not worth our time or the time of any other clan. Selfish player and a waste of space. Good riddance.
  • Adrian – Banned at level 68 – had a melt down in clan chat. Began harassing teammates and calling them names and then left.
  • Roberto – Banned at level 57 – Constantly a whiny baby about war. Bailed on mandatory weekend war without using either attack.
  • Radith – Banned at level 57 – Missed too many wars. Did not attack in mandatory weekend war.
  • huugos  – Banned at level 93 – Not a team player in war and broke the clan rule about looting. Also used a barch army in war. All around terrible player.
  • Hunter – Banned at level 53 – constantly brought only a partial army to war (e.g. No spells) came back for a second chance and ended up being kicked again for being a dummy.
  • Coollalo14 – Banned at level 60 – Bailed on the clan after weekend war had been started, leaving both war attacks unused.
  • vfytg – Banned at level 78 – didn’t use both attacks in war, constant annoyance within the clan.
  • MrGreenMeanBean – Banned at level 104 – blatant looting in the middle of war by attacking an all ready 2 starred base that was completely outside his team tier while there were still plenty of fresh bases on the map.
  • glatiator – Banned at level 87 – all around pain in the ass. Disrespectful to everyone in clan chat. Cant even spell “gladiator” correctly.
  • MASTER FADEL – Banned at level 76 – Brought partial army to war, rarely participated in war. Not a team contributor.
  • Lucas – ID #PQQCY8YJ – Pulled 3 ZERO percent attacks in 3 back to back wars.
  • LOg4n – ID #8J8L098R – Has been on a downward trend in war performance. Not a team player.
  • joe – ID #9VYVRRUU – Black listed for mouthing off to members of the leadership team on multiple occasions
  • $JACOB$ENTHOVEN – ID #CJUOQ2VU – Attacked a claimed base after specifically asking about it and being told not to attack it. Donated non requested troops.
  • Macaluso_41 – ID #VOVLYLUO – Left our clan as soon as war started, not using either of his attacks in our war.
  • Phantom Blade – ID #JRYPYUO – In his first war with our clan he attacked with a partial army (no spells) and didn’t grasp war strategy.
  • _Veevs_ – ID #9QUG8RR2 – Absolutely no understanding of war strategy. Did not use both attacks in mandatory war.
  • swearman – ID #QQ2RU892 – Dismal performance in evaluation war. Did not use second attack in weekend mandatory war.
  • Joe – ID #QLQJ8R8G – Consistently only used one attack in war. Was not a team contributor.
  • Edge2015 – ID #9GGR8UR8 – Claimed a base in war and then barched it after specifically being told not to do exactly that
  • Calvin – ID #POJQQYOP – Barched in war. Did not use second attack
  • FrOzEn^FirE – ID #28UVGRLPQ – Didnt use either attack in war because it was “too hard”
  • Lorenzo – ID #PCPV2LV9 – Failed war evaluation (attacked 2 bottom opponents and pulled 1 star) Attacked a claimed base.
  • ~~-DuRuGaN-~~ – ID #20LLCRRLJ – Left the clan during war without using his second attack because “he couldnt 3 star anything because there were too many TH9s and 10s.”
  • DarthMorbid – ID #PGCVJRU8 – Was given multiple opportunities and instruction to help with improvement in war, but consistently fell short. Didn’t add to the teams strength. Rushed to TH9 without being a solid team contributor.
  • Handsome Jack – ID #G2PYQLLC – Missed both attacks in mandatory weekend war.
  • cuauht3moc – ID #YVCLVJ8 – Left the clan after mandatory weekend war had all ready started. Didn’t use either attack.
  • DRAGON – ID #GOJPRJOU – Did not use both attacks in his evaluation war.
  • Iggy Azalea – #9GPGPPC8 – Did not use both attacks in her evaluation war.
  • Justin B. – ID #LJYY80Q8 – Did not use both attacks in his evaluation war.
  • ReaPeR – ID #CULGUJCQ – came in and requested troop donations for a war he was in with another clan. NO FREE HAND OUTS!
  • Joey – ID #GG9U9UG2 – Total scum bag. Joined our clan to ask for troops to fight in a war in another clan. Little bitches not welcome. (Leads the clan “War Kings” #YGG8GCLC – if you want to see a shitty clan, check them out)
  • JACK Ü – ID #VR98YRP – Did not use both attacks in war
  • Manuel – ID #YRUGJCCC – Did not use both attacks in war
  • timmy.saville – ID #29JOPP28R – Did not use both attacks in war
  • JAUZ – ID #GQRCVYJJ – Left war like a little bitch, leaving both attacks unused.
  • SHIVA CHARY– ID #2P8V2008U – Total douche and terrible player
  • DeAmon’ – ID #UYL9QJUO – Missed war attacks in mandatory war
  • Mason – ID #UUCLQR89 – Missed war attacks in mandatory war
  • Santos_Madrid07 – ID #R2JVP2G – Missed war attacks in mandatory war
  • nfxkingshotgun – ID #PGULV20G – Donated troops that were not requested repeatedly during war.
  • Darrell Lance – ID #QPJGC2J – Did not use either attack in mandatory war
  • keegan – ID #RQGYCVVR – Consistently attacked outside of his team tier, thus screwing over the rest of our team, even after being talked to about it.
  • Vidzomie – ID #GCOC8JGR – Shitty player with zero team attitude. Didn’t add anything to our team. Whined about attacking in war because it was too hard and then ran away without attacking.
  • Ryan – ID #RY9L88GJ – Whining on more than one occasion about there being no one he can attack in war rather than taking the initiative to attack anyways. Did not use both attacks in war after being advised that use of both attacks was a requirement for membership.
  • PEKKA – ID #222COPGUL – Absolutely no war strategy what so ever. Used the most awful war comp imaginable – was told not to use it again – used it again anyways.
  • Phoenix – ID #L8V2QO2Y – Cocky pretty much worthless player who thought he was better than he actually was.
  • great warrior – ID #V2UR9CUG – Demanding that players gem troops for him. Over all pain in the ass.
  • Tj deadmouse – ID #QJQLVVLQ – No show for war. Both attacks were unused.
  • Nayak – ID #ROVC9GY2 – Joined us with still a day and 12 hours left in another war (war hopper) had a sketchy story about why (claimed to be the leader of the clan he bailed on for war) Doesn’t seem trustworthy.
  • ViolentNate – #LQ09PPPV – Cussed out another team member in chat… who happened to be a coleader on his second account – all around dickhead. Rage quit the clan after being instructed to view the clan website leaving one attack unused in war.
  • sam – #2JGU9LJR – new member who didnt use either attack in his first war

3 thoughts on “Black List

  1. I am a horrible player and shouldnt have mouthed off to anyone on the leadership team. Please blacklist me. I will leave you guys alone now since I havent been a very great contributor to the team. Sorry tete.


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