Dragloon ZapQuake!

While the FS TH8 team get their Hog levels up I wanted to share a new strategy for our old TH7 OP Comp: Dragloon. Some TH8s have branched away from this comp, some still use it religiously. I will briefly cover the old strats and then go over the new one which combines them all together.

This post will work for TH9+ if matched with the right base but for the sake of our TH8s I will use TH8 troop/spell spaces.

Dragloon Troop Count (varies depending on base and playstyle):
8-9 Dragons, 4-8 Redloons, CC: 5 Deathloons

Spells (old options):
Option 1) x3 Lightning (Zap 1 AD, align drag army parallel to last 2 ADs)
Option 2) x3 Rage (x2 Rage for drag army, last Rage for CC Loons, some players use 1 Heal, your choice)

NEW Option) x2 Lightning, x1 Quake, x1 Rage

Now in order for this to be effective vs max (TH8) Lv6 ADs you need Lv5 Lightning but a Lv1 Quake will work just fine. Here is a chart of Lightning+Quake levels vs AD levels.

zapquake-chartZapQuake combines the old option 1 (3 zaps) and option 2 into one strat. x2 Lightning + x1 Quake on an AD that is either hard to get to (lots of tanking/storages), highest level, or in path of Air Sweeper. Then you would align drag army to overtake the last 2 ADs but now you have pocket Rage to help them advance quicker OR you can save it for a CC loon move. This new strat has revitalized the Dragloon comp to be more effective vs bases with max TH8 ADs (Lv6). If you don’t have hogs at optimal levels (3-4), I suggest you give this old comp another try, it is very fun.

If you are new to Dragloon (or rusty), keep in mind this comp requires good funneling and well timed loon drops vs good anti-drag bases. I encourage you have 4-8 of your own red loons to help trim the side defenses for your CC Deathloons to travel straight into core/ADs. Make sure your dragons are tanking defenses! Here is a  nice infograph by/u/blakegt that shows proper funneling/CC usage technique.


Note: This infograph was put together BEFORE the ZapQuake strat was known.

Hope this gives TH8s another war comp option when the right base pops up. Goodluck Saints, Keep clashin!