Capt’s Workshop: Matchmaking & You

wartop3-bannerSo you may have noticed in the current match-up there is a TH10 and TH9 at the bottom where some TH8s should be, a total WTF, right? You may have seen something funky like this in the past but what this clan (and many other clans, especially my own) is doing is using the “TH8.5” and “TH9.5” War Strategy, except they are doing it at an extreme level. (Not building/upgrading much defense at all, except the big guns)

If you didn’t know or only knew a little of; everyone is “weighed” at war so the matchmaking system can find a suitable opponent for us when searching. Your TH level, buildings, walls, troops, spells and heroes all account for this weight for war. The algorithm that runs this system has never been released by Supercell so no one really knows the ACTUAL weight of each building/troop but the war community has come to the conclusion at what weighs the MOST. Some clans even use this type of info to setup “skirmishes” with other clans (planned war match), but we can go into that at another time.

Note: This isn’t concrete information, some of it is speculation but has been accepted by most of the war community. This strategy is mostly effective at the TH9 and TH10 levels. 

What weighs the most?
Your Town Hall – Simply being at a “fresh” new town hall for war, you are at a disadvantage in war. More on this below.
Defenses – Not all defenses weigh the same but the biggest guns we have are X-Bows and Infernos. The more you build and/or upgrade each defense, the more heavier you get at war which makes the clan heavier as a whole.

So Whats THx.5? Who can do it?
A TH8 who upgraded to TH9 but didn’t build/upgrade any defenses, only troops/heroes/resource buildings is a “TH8.5”. A TH9 who upgraded to TH10 using the same strategy is a “TH9.5”.  Now this strat has been up for debate because it all depends on how serious you are for war. If you farm/push more than war, you may want to rethink this strategy. This strategy is for the dedicated war player. Defends don’t win wars, offense does.

“I’m a dedicated war player, what should be my upgrade order?”
As a fresh TH, you can upgrade your traps, all your storages, mines, collectors, pumps, barracks and spell factory/lab. Spell and Lab are first for obvious reasons: Upgrade War Troops! Hogs, Wiz, Loons, Witches, Golems, Lavas, & Valks are the primaries. Heroes should always be upgraded, evenly if you can.

Best Defense Upgrade Order:  ADs, Teslas, Wiz Towers, Archer Towers, Cannons then Mortars.
My personal opinion, X-Bows should be last until you can consistently 2-3* your equal/mirror at war. X-Bows are just glorified Archer Towers anyway, the only real bonus to these is they have a lot of HP, so act as tanks in or around your core. Infernos will make you very overweight so this applies to them as well but they are more effective than bows. If you find you are constantly getting 3*d (doubtful), you can plant your xbows/infernos but just remember, you are now much heavier and will your troop levels/skill counter the weight?

Too Long; Didn’t Read:
If you are serious about war and want to benefit the clan when being matched, you will stop upgrading defenses and focus on upgrading troops, heroes and dumping gold into walls.

When to start upgrading defenses is up to you. When you are consistently 3*ing, or you can’t hold a solid defense at war, or you just want to stay low to benefit other clan mates. If you look at my base, I have a few point defenses still at TH8 level. I’ve been like this for months. But I have max war troops so I can attack a max level TH9 and allow my “equal” to someone else in the clan that doesn’t have max troops/high level heroes. Wars are won by offense. I wanted to post this because I want to make sure you guys don’t gimp yourselves at war when upgrading to a new TH and also the explain why our current enemy has bottom TH9/10 bases. If you have questions or want me to eval your base on which to upgrade next, you can send me a screen of your base and profile in Google Hangouts or email:

Keep clashin’ you warmongers, cheers!



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