+Archer Outlaws: Quite Possibly the Biggest Babies on Clash

I know that our blog is typically defined by posts about our awesome team, and team news, but this story was just too good to pass up.

Currently, a team were all familiar with – Madvillainy – mopped the floor with another clan called +Archer Outlaws. What ensued after the ass beating put on the Outlaws was hilarious and I had to share it with you in the screen shots below. Basically, the beating was so severe that the Big Baby Outlaws began accusing Madvillainy of cheating… yep… watch out Clash, here comes the crying kids. Madvillainy kept their cool, and their dominating win, and let the Outlaws drown in their tears. Being the Failed Saints, I figured this news would give us the opportunity to do what we do best: troll another team. If you would like to share your heart felt condolences with the Outlaws after their horrifyingly embarrassing loss to Madvillainy (and I would encourage you to do so), just search the hashtag #888POOCR and hop in for a moment to share your sympathy with them. Make sure to bring some ice with you so that they can soothe their asses after such an incredible ass whooping. Dry your tears +Archer Outlaws. Im sure youll get back up on that war horse in no time and be able to present yourselves on a platter once again to some other team, so that they can add another notch to their belt.

Final score of Madvillainy’s ….battle(? using that term loosely) against the Archer Crybabies: Madvillainy-86, The Wahhh Wahhh’s-52


photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


11 thoughts on “+Archer Outlaws: Quite Possibly the Biggest Babies on Clash

  1. Hahah it was a lovely compliment we’ve never recieved before. I’ll elaborate a little more.. We started out saying goodluck to each other on prep via clan notes “Villains vs Outlaws”.
    War began & we had a nice 3* streak at the beginning of war vs their 1-2* gowipe attacks. They changed their clan notes to “SMH.. X-Mod’ers” and we had a good laugh on that. I message them on fb to clarify we do not cheat and then kept going about our attacks. Here’s where things took a turn.. They have seem to edited their message to us the next morning http://i.imgur.com/IHNToNG.jpg when they failed to close Their star deficit. They reported us.
    We continued to steam roll them and they still insist we are using hacks even tho they could only hammer out 6 3* attacks on our 26. Final summary on our front page: madvillainy.weebly.com . Thanks for nod Failed Saints! Any other clans should be aware of these kids when going to war.

    Stay chill and be coo.


  2. I didnt know madvillainy’s leader would come here. Haha we gotta have war against each other sometimes. I know you guys are good, and we are still improving and trying to make the best team possible.


    • What size wars do you guys have? We have 25/30 on Mondays and Wednesdays, 40v40 on Fridays. You can have solo hit me up on LINE and we can coordinate a sync match. It can be tricky but its been done before.


      • Usually 40vs40 tuesday, and 45vs45 Friday. So i think friiday is the best time for us. If we are matched up against, that would be awesome 👍


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