WAR RECAP: Failed Saints vs Legend of Rahl

Legend of Rahl: \ˈle-jənd əv ˈrl\ noun. “A clan who should pack up and leave Clash of Clans all together after the ass kicking we put on them” (“Legend of Rahl” Def. 2. Merriam Webster Online, Merriam Webster, n.d. Web. 24 Sept. 2011.)

This weeks mid-week war was yet another display of our outstanding team play and a reminder of just how strong we have become as a clan. The team system coupled with the new start time seems to have tipped the scales in our favor as we have taken down yet another team with our solid strategies and tactics.

Shout outs this week go to our most heroic attack by AtomicLollit who executed a perfect dragon attack on our opponent. If anyone is experimenting with Drag Raids and balloons her replays are definitely the ones to watch. Another shout out to Dr.Zaius this week for having the most heroic defense. Dr.Zaius will not be with us anymore because even though he had a strong base, he did not have strong attacks and showed no improvement over time.

Well done putting yet another win into our pocket Failed Saints. Im sure Rahl will be talking about our Legendary win for a long time.

Final score of this battle: Failed Saints-93, Legend of Rahl-75

Photo Feb 05, 10 43 44 AM Photo Feb 05, 10 43 47 AM Photo Feb 05, 10 43 52 AM Photo Feb 05, 10 43 58 AM Photo Feb 05, 10 44 03 AM Photo Feb 05, 10 44 08 AM


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