The only thing giant about the latest clan we battled in war, was their giant fail as we beat Clash of Giant, putting our 21st win on the board. This war is just more proof of how strong of players we have become. We are capable of taking on strong opponents and putting them in the dust. We should be confident in our attacks and strategies. We have become the opponent that others should fear. Most heroic attack this war goes to {~NOBAMA~} for burning down a tough opponent with his monster drags. I also once again feel the need to call out DH. This guy is CONSTANTLY cleaning up for us in war; I don’t think I have ever seen less than 6 stars on the roster next to his name.

Changes moving forward from this war:

  • We are dumping the claim system for awhile and see how this works out for us. Moving forward, if we do bring back teams, its imperative that the bases being claimed are a sure 3 star, otherwise there is no reason to be claiming bases.
  • Even though we are getting rid of the claim system, we are going to be adhering to the tiered teams system. We have used this system for the past 2 wars and it has worked outstanding for us.

Excellent win Failed Saints. Clash of Giant (by the way guys, your clan name would make more sense if it had an “S” on the end) proved that the “bigger” they are, the harder they fall.

Final score of this war: Failed Saints-56, Clash of Giant-51

Photo Jan 25, 9 50 41 AM Photo Jan 25, 9 50 45 AM Photo Jan 25, 9 50 52 AM Photo Jan 25, 9 51 04 AM Photo Jan 25, 9 51 08 AM


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