All I know is that this latest clan was Indonesian. Well, I have no idea what their name means in Indo, but in Spanish “pasar” means “to pass”. Well, this being the case, this clan obviously did not live up to their Spanish name as they definitely did not pass on any level as we dominated them in our 20th win. Maybe PASAR KITO SR is tougher (pretty sure boo diddle made this joke first) Or maybe JR is a bastard. Who knows…

There are so many great things about this war I’m not even sure if I can list them all, but I am damn sure going to try!

First off, way to adhere to the team system! We got in there right away, stuck to our team tiers, and took a commanding 40 point lead by the end of the first 12 hours. Secondly, OUTSTANDING attacks across the board. People not only attacked well, but also attacked their equals. No one grabbed any low hanging fruit until the very end, in order to clean up those last straggling stars. Thirdly, participation was OFF THE CHARTS for this war. We used 49 of our 50 attacks and the only one we missed was due to school projects (hey kids, school is important. be cool. stay in school….) We held strong overnight and drove the last nails in the coffin this morning, taking home a 59 to 50 win. And finally, I have to give a HUGE thanks to DTFROCCO, [duffdawg], Akhenaten, brian, and anyone else who invests so much in filling up our war castles during prep day. Our defense would suffer immensely without your troops and you guys are always on the ball filling everyones war castles incredibly fast.

This team was awful in their attacks. Id say they were terrible in their tactics and strategy but you have to have those things to be terrible at them. Their bases however, were formidable and everyone should be proud of the stars they took from each opponent. Every single one was earned. Awesome job.

Shout outs this war go to DH for having the most heroic attack, which also happened to be his first TH8 take down (3 stars!) Another shout out goes to Claymaker for taking on a HUGE 7 attacks before giving up all 3 stars. No heroic defense this war, but thats a hard one to achieve when your opponents strongest players are attacking the bottom of our team.

Be proud of this one guys. This war was virtually flawless and a well deserved win.

Final score of this war: Failed Saints-59, PASAR whatever your name is-50

Photo Jan 22, 9 16 53 AM Photo Jan 22, 9 16 59 AM Photo Jan 22, 9 17 07 AM Photo Jan 22, 9 17 13 AM Photo Jan 22, 9 17 22 AM


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