WAR RECAP: Failed Saints vs Unified Clasher

Unified Clasher was united in their well deserved loss today as the Failed Saints put another win on the score board. Our participation in this mid-week war was outstanding, but this war was hands down won because of our teams level of skill in our attacks. We put stars on every single one of their bases and completely outplayed our opponent. This speaks volumes about the incredible potential we have in this clan, and how far we have come from our roots. Shout outs for this war go to boo diddle for having the most heroic attack, and to DJ MiddleChild for once again bagging the most heroic defense. All though they are no longer with us, I’d like to note that Sam’s base absorbed a huge 7 attacks before giving away all 3 stars.

Remember, if you didn’t attack in this war you have been placed on the mid-week war opt out list. It’s your responsibility to let someone on the leadership team know if you would like to be removed from the list so that you can participate in mid-week war again.

EXCELLENT war everyone. Looking forward to battling with you all this weekend.

Final score of this battle: Failed Saints-71, Unified Clasher-66

Photo Jan 15, 10 35 38 AM Photo Jan 15, 10 35 44 AM Photo Jan 15, 10 35 51 AM Photo Jan 15, 10 35 56 AM Photo Jan 15, 10 36 03 AM


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