War Recap: Failed Saints vs NFL Football

Well it was with a tear in our we entered this war as our superior leader SoloSoul left for a break to get his sh*t together. The war was declared early in his name, and boy did we do him proud. With an almost equal number of attacks between us 61 versus 60, this war was won with classy attacking and superior skills. We landed an early lead with some serious stars falling to us with a great dragon attack from JustinQuick, a dragon/wizard devestation from Brian and an unusual but devastatingly effective dragon/giant attack from Bear, to name a few. At the same time we kept our defence strong with strong efforts from John, Kolokoy, DH and Kevin. By the end of the war all but one base was two starred and a final push to clear up some remaining stars, led us to a strong victory. A great team effort. For me, I’m beginning to think the three stage system is working. We’re leaving fewer stars on the board and pulling victories to be proud of. Our strong CC troops are key to a strong defence, thankyou to all for donating and thankyou all for contributing to making this clan what it is.

This war’s special mention is to Chrisopia for defending 2/3 attacks and netting 5 stars.

Peace, Chunk


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