War Recap: Failed Saints vs Haha you loose

I thought from the start these guys were a bunch of jokers when I read their terrible spelling mistake in their clan name and I wasn’t wrong. This clan is a superb example of rushed bases and their performance was shameful. They had no idea on attacking, their CC troops were useless and they brought weak armies. If we didn’t look good before, we certainly didn’t have to work hard to look good in front of this shower of sh*t. We used more attacks, won more attacks, lost fewer attacks, three starred and two starred more bases and our average destruction was 20% more…. Need I go on. Well yes I must, because we didn’t rest on our laurels. We rocketed into a lead with strong defences from Ryan and DH (most heroic) and some killer attacks (Yow Ming taking three stars against their number 4). A run of 9 attacks from us netted 20 stars which rocked them as they followed with a few weak attacks winning minimal stars. They had a final push of 8 attacks which was fruitless, winning no new stars. Neslepax was attacked three times during this, losing no new stars. Well done Nes.

This war’s special mention goes to Martin who was attacked 6 times and gave away 2 stars and Kolokoy who took on their number 20 being only number 28 himself.

Final score – a laughable 78-43

Top job guys



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