Hello team members!

As almost all of you know, this weekend I was unable to really participate in our game as I was at a 39 hour (Friday through Sunday – 9am to 10pm) seminar called The Landmark Forum. I went because my girl asked me to go since she herself had gone and it had been incredible for her – I was reluctant about it and incredibly skeptical about it but I am glad that I went because it actually opened up my entire life – especially in my relationships and my career – to MUCH more meaningful opportunities.

One of my realizations I had this weekend was that all of the energy I have been putting into this game (the blog, strategizing wars, strategizing leadership, concepting rules, etc) could be put into other, more meaningful things in my life, such as my business. If I devoted half the time to my business strategy as I do to my Clash strategy, who knows what sort of a business I would be running right now!

This being said, I am leaving Clash all together. Effective immediately, based on a conversation I had with my brother who co-founded this clan with me, Chunk is going to be the new leader. If any of you would like to stay in touch with me DONT HESITATE to find me on GroupMe (click this link to find me:

Thanks so much for being such incredible team mates and for making this experience so fun for me. I wish each and every one of you nothing but the most incredible success in each of your lives.


R. Ryan Hayes


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