War Recap: Failed Saints vs Haha you loose

I thought from the start these guys were a bunch of jokers when I read their terrible spelling mistake in their clan name and I wasn’t wrong. This clan is a superb example of rushed bases and their performance was shameful. They had no idea on attacking, their CC troops were useless and they brought weak armies. If we didn’t look good before, we certainly didn’t have to work hard to look good in front of this shower of sh*t. We used more attacks, won more attacks, lost fewer attacks, three starred and two starred more bases and our average destruction was 20% more…. Need I go on. Well yes I must, because we didn’t rest on our laurels. We rocketed into a lead with strong defences from Ryan and DH (most heroic) and some killer attacks (Yow Ming taking three stars against their number 4). A run of 9 attacks from us netted 20 stars which rocked them as they followed with a few weak attacks winning minimal stars. They had a final push of 8 attacks which was fruitless, winning no new stars. Neslepax was attacked three times during this, losing no new stars. Well done Nes.

This war’s special mention goes to Martin who was attacked 6 times and gave away 2 stars and Kolokoy who took on their number 20 being only number 28 himself.

Final score – a laughable 78-43

Top job guys



War Recap: Failed Saints vs NFL Football

Well it was with a tear in our we entered this war as our superior leader SoloSoul left for a break to get his sh*t together. The war was declared early in his name, and boy did we do him proud. With an almost equal number of attacks between us 61 versus 60, this war was won with classy attacking and superior skills. We landed an early lead with some serious stars falling to us with a great dragon attack from JustinQuick, a dragon/wizard devestation from Brian and an unusual but devastatingly effective dragon/giant attack from Bear, to name a few. At the same time we kept our defence strong with strong efforts from John, Kolokoy, DH and Kevin. By the end of the war all but one base was two starred and a final push to clear up some remaining stars, led us to a strong victory. A great team effort. For me, I’m beginning to think the three stage system is working. We’re leaving fewer stars on the board and pulling victories to be proud of. Our strong CC troops are key to a strong defence, thankyou to all for donating and thankyou all for contributing to making this clan what it is.

This war’s special mention is to Chrisopia for defending 2/3 attacks and netting 5 stars.

Peace, Chunk


Hello team members!

As almost all of you know, this weekend I was unable to really participate in our game as I was at a 39 hour (Friday through Sunday – 9am to 10pm) seminar called The Landmark Forum. I went because my girl asked me to go since she herself had gone and it had been incredible for her – I was reluctant about it and incredibly skeptical about it but I am glad that I went because it actually opened up my entire life – especially in my relationships and my career – to MUCH more meaningful opportunities.

One of my realizations I had this weekend was that all of the energy I have been putting into this game (the blog, strategizing wars, strategizing leadership, concepting rules, etc) could be put into other, more meaningful things in my life, such as my business. If I devoted half the time to my business strategy as I do to my Clash strategy, who knows what sort of a business I would be running right now!

This being said, I am leaving Clash all together. Effective immediately, based on a conversation I had with my brother who co-founded this clan with me, Chunk is going to be the new leader. If any of you would like to stay in touch with me DONT HESITATE to find me on GroupMe (click this link to find me: https://groupme.com/join_group/10727944/TChg1a)

Thanks so much for being such incredible team mates and for making this experience so fun for me. I wish each and every one of you nothing but the most incredible success in each of your lives.


R. Ryan Hayes

NEW RULE: Nominations

I am putting a new clan rule into effect immediately. If a member of the leadership team leaves the clan – for whatever reason – they are allowed to nominate a member to take their place on the leadership council. The leaving members recommendation for their replacement will be private to the rest of the clan. After this member has been nominated by the person leaving, the leadership council will vote on this recommendation, and will either vote the member into the title to replace the member who has left, or will nominate and put into authority another member based on their own recommendation. This new clan rule is in effect immediately. Clash on Failed Saints!


In this weekends war we read Last Rights their last rites in a 35 on 35 battle. They were violently executed this morning around 9am PST by the powerful forces of the FAILED SAINTS. Shout outs this war go to Ajay for having the most heroic attack and to whitestboyuknow for having the most heroic defense. Another shout out to Sameer for soaking up a whopping 5 attacks. This was also our first war using a very basic team system, and I would love to get the entire clans feedback in the council section about whether or not you felt this was a beneficial system that we should continue to work on, or if it wasnt really worthwhile. One thing that I did notice this war was a larger number of people going into battle without a full army (not having a full CC) I know that given the odd hours that some people have to battle that this can be an issue for receiving strong CC troops. It is imperative to go into battle with a complete army as this could mean the difference between achieving that extra star. I would love to get some feedback on what players feel might be a good solution for this issue. Great war. Great participation. Can not wait for the next one. Rest in peace Last Rights. We wont be back to visit your grave. Final score of this war: FAILED SAINTS-88, Last Rights-77. Photo Nov 02, 8 17 06 AM Photo Nov 02, 8 17 10 AM Photo Nov 02, 8 17 16 AM Photo Nov 02, 8 17 26 AM Photo Nov 02, 8 17 32 AM Photo Nov 02, 8 17 37 AM