New section: “Evaluation”

So if you look at the menu bar on our site you will see that some things have been shuffled around and that there is a new addition; the “Evaluation” button. First change is that the “War Rules” section and the “Clan Rules” section have been consolidated into one section: “Rules”. If you hover over the Rules button you will be presented with a drop down menu separating the War Rules and Clan Rules sections.

The second change is the addition of the “Evaluation” section. If you click the Evaluation button it will take you to a page describing what this new section is all about. Its basically a place for us to keep track of new members who are on their Evaluation period. This page is especially useful for new members as it explains the sorts of things the are going to be evaluated on. If you just hover over the Evaluation button a drop down menu will appear with the names of each new member. Clicking into an individuals name will take you to a page listing their TH level, skill level, and join date.

The next war prep starts this Friday! Get ready for another battle!


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