Well, you win some and you lose some, and in this latest battle against Ithryn falls into the latter category. We played hard, and in most cases we played well, but as our clan grows stronger we are going to be facing much tougher opponents, and because of this fact we are going to have to up our game. We have always had a very strong mid-core section in our team, and most of our wars have been won because of this fact. But as our opponents become more difficult, the top tier of our team is going to have to develop new strategies for us to be serious contenders. A huge part of the reason that we lost this war is that we were not able to pin stars on their top players the same way that they were able to pin them on ours. Our top players, the top 10, myself included, should be practicing strong battle techniques such as gowipe or gowiwi, so that we can be serious contenders rather than cleaning up what our mid-core team has left over. Our clan has grown into an exciting era, an era where we are being paired up with really strong teams because we ourselves, on paper, are a strong team. Now we need to put in the work so that our actual skill level exceeds what we look like statistically. Shout outs this war go to Rocker for having the most heroic attack and Escoman for having the most heroic defense. Another huge shout out to [duffdawg] not only for his donation of heavy troops, but for taking on the top tier of our opponent and taking some solid stars off of them. Another shout out to Neslepax for absorbing 4 attacks, sucking up those stars from our opponent. I wouldn’t be proud of this war, but I absolutely wouldn’t be upset about it either. This war is just a reminder that we are growing and that we have some work to do. Can’t wait to see you all in the next one. Final score of this war: FAILED SAINTS – 92, Ithryn – 102.

Photo Oct 19, 2 00 52 PM Photo Oct 19, 2 00 56 PM Photo Oct 19, 2 01 02 PM Photo Oct 19, 2 01 07 PM Photo Oct 19, 2 01 12 PM Photo Oct 19, 2 01 16 PM Photo Oct 19, 2 01 20 PM


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