Get comfy and grab some popcorn; this is going to be a long one. This was our 7th war and our 5th win and I could NOT be happier with this incredible team that were putting together here. I just want to thank {~NOBAMA~} again for joining us and for bringing such incredible players over with him. The participation in this war was INCREDIBLE. Huge shout outs to “big B” Brian for having the most heroic attack and to AtomicLollit for having the most heroic defense – that base was a total star vacuum and I would highly suggest that players around AtomicLollit’s level check that base out. chrisopia also gets a shout out for taking on a whopping 8 attacks. Another shout out to Sameer for one of the most beautiful gowipe’s I have ever seen. The biggest shout out, however, goes to brian. brian exemplified in this war EXACTLY what we want this clan to stand for – playing for the team. brian spends lots of loot filling war castles and donating troops to players during war, and it is expensive. It would have been so easy for brian to look at the bases left, and the war bonus that would compensate him for his contributions, and take on a high level player hoping for a star and the loot. brian instead played for the team and took the star he knew he would have no problem getting, regardless of the loot. Because of his selfless action we won this war by one star. THAT is what we want this team to stand for. We play together for the success of each other. We want to create an environment where if someone is having an off day and they mess up an attack, they dont have to play in fear of someone coming down on them. We want to encourage our members to perform well, to learn, and offer advice and strategy to every member to ensure success. We want to build an environment where players can openly ask questions, where we all play together to win, but we all play together to have fun. This was an AWESOME war against “team squiggles” (Id write their actual name but I have no idea how to write it) Everyone should be incredibly proud of this one. Final score of this war: FAILED SAINTS – 93, “squiggles” – 92

Photo Oct 13, 11 32 59 AM Photo Oct 13, 11 33 03 AM Photo Oct 13, 11 33 09 AM Photo Oct 13, 11 33 16 AM Photo Oct 13, 11 33 21 AM Photo Oct 13, 11 33 26 AM Photo Oct 13, 11 33 30 AM


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