Welcoming New Members From METAL ELITE

Today an old friend, {~NOBAMA~}, came to our clan to see if he and his members at METAL ELITE, could join our ranks. We wholeheartedly said “ABSOLUTELY” as METAL ELITE has some very solid players, and over time we have established some really great friendships with their members.

There’s always a transition period with new members; so in order to make the transition into our team a smooth one, I decided to write this post with a basic overview of how FAILED SAINTS operates.

Leadership: We do leadership differently at FAILED SAINTS. Its not based on donations. Leadership at FS is based on performance and on the number of people in our clan. Our leadership bears alot of responsibility. We dont have a clan full of leaders and elders, as our leaders actually LEAD. We also always strive to have an odd number of leaders so that when we put things to a vote we can never have a draw. Leadership roles will not transfer from METAL ELITE. This is nothing against ELITE. FAILED SAINTS has just had members here since the creation of the clan, and in fairness to our founders, they will be considered first. This is not to say that new members will not be eligible for promotion, as again, promotion is based on performance – but leadership titles will not transfer. To know more about leadership in FS, please read the “Clan Overview” page.

Troop Requests: At FAILED SAINTS, we only request specific troop levels during war. The rest of the time, anyone can ask for any troop they would like, but there are no level requests. If someone does make a level request outside of war, the level request will be ignored but the proper troop will be donated. (e.g. if a member asks for level 5 wiz outside of war they will be given wiz, but not any specific level) The reason that we operate this way here is because it gives EVERYONE in the clan an opportunity to donate, and takes the weight off of our members who have the highest troops in the clan, as they do all of the donating during war.

Donations: We only ask that you try to donate as much as you ask for. Also during war, the only people allowed to donate to war castles are the members listed on the War Donators page on our blog. They have the highest troops in the clan and as we strive to have the strongest armies possible for war we only want the strongest troops in those castles for defense.

Kicking: We strive to be a very understanding clan. No members will be kicked unless having been previously warned for an issue. If the issue persists then the member will be kicked and will be added to the Black Listed page on our blog. We understand that sometimes life comes up, and only ask that you let us know if you have an obligation that will keep you from participating in the game, so that we can take the necessary steps to ensure fairness for our entire team.

So this wraps up the brief overview! I am so glad to have the members of METAL ELITE join us! Feel free to ask any questions and in closing I just want to say WELCOME TO FAILED SAINTS!

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