This recap is long over due, sorry for the delay team. This was just an incredibly frustrating war but it helped our team weed out some players who were just not contributing as they should be. They weren’t asked to leave the team because of not using attacks, but instead because they didn’t listen to the instruction of their peers, and thats what this clan is all about – team work. We have some really seasoned players here and its a missed opportunity for new members not to take their advice as it will only help these members grow into stronger players. The rest of this recap is brought to you by Ahkenaten: “Welp gang, we got our asses kicked, and booted a bunch of players who apparently had severe learning disabilities.” That pretty much wraps it up. Shout out to scraddley07 for having the most heroic attack. Another shout out to [duffdawg] for taking on a whopping 4 attacks. Looking forward to seeing our shiny new team take on our next opponent. Final score of this war: FAILED SAINTS – 94, The Judas – 106.

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Hello FAILED SAINTS! If you check out the menu navigation bar you will see the addition of a new button – “Teams”. This is a very loose and basic teams format that we can grow into something more specific, but I thought it would be a good idea to try something really simple and basic first before evolving it, just to see how people like the idea. The way that this new system works on our blog is you choose “Teams” from the menu and then from the drop down menu choose the appropriate menu for the war were in (e.g. 35 vs 35) from here you will be taken to a page that will show you what team you are on based on where your base falls on the map – and in turn – which bases you should be attacking.

I thought that a solution along these lines would work out well for us in the beginning as we investigate the idea of teams more, as this solution will work for any member no matter what time zone you are in. Please when claiming a base, be sure that it falls within the bases that your team should be attacking.

Looking forward to feedback on this system during and after the war. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Offline Chat App Change: GroupMe

As you know, its a requirement for the leadership in this clan to also sign up for an account on an external messaging app we have chosen, in order to discuss clan issues offline. Anyone in the clan can download the app we are using it to get in touch with our clan members offline, but its mandatory for the leadership team. Up until today, we have been using an app called Voxer as our designated messaging app. This app has started to have some technical issues for some users, and didn’t have the level of control I would like it to have for group chats. As of today our official app for offline messaging is GroupMe. Group me is available on Android and iOS. Please install the app, and then click this link to join the offline clan chat group: https://groupme.com/join_group/10727944/TChg1a .Sorry for the public service announcement… now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

New section: “Evaluation”

So if you look at the menu bar on our site you will see that some things have been shuffled around and that there is a new addition; the “Evaluation” button. First change is that the “War Rules” section and the “Clan Rules” section have been consolidated into one section: “Rules”. If you hover over the Rules button you will be presented with a drop down menu separating the War Rules and Clan Rules sections.

The second change is the addition of the “Evaluation” section. If you click the Evaluation button it will take you to a page describing what this new section is all about. Its basically a place for us to keep track of new members who are on their Evaluation period. This page is especially useful for new members as it explains the sorts of things the are going to be evaluated on. If you just hover over the Evaluation button a drop down menu will appear with the names of each new member. Clicking into an individuals name will take you to a page listing their TH level, skill level, and join date.

The next war prep starts this Friday! Get ready for another battle!


Well, you win some and you lose some, and in this latest battle against Ithryn falls into the latter category. We played hard, and in most cases we played well, but as our clan grows stronger we are going to be facing much tougher opponents, and because of this fact we are going to have to up our game. We have always had a very strong mid-core section in our team, and most of our wars have been won because of this fact. But as our opponents become more difficult, the top tier of our team is going to have to develop new strategies for us to be serious contenders. A huge part of the reason that we lost this war is that we were not able to pin stars on their top players the same way that they were able to pin them on ours. Our top players, the top 10, myself included, should be practicing strong battle techniques such as gowipe or gowiwi, so that we can be serious contenders rather than cleaning up what our mid-core team has left over. Our clan has grown into an exciting era, an era where we are being paired up with really strong teams because we ourselves, on paper, are a strong team. Now we need to put in the work so that our actual skill level exceeds what we look like statistically. Shout outs this war go to Rocker for having the most heroic attack and Escoman for having the most heroic defense. Another huge shout out to [duffdawg] not only for his donation of heavy troops, but for taking on the top tier of our opponent and taking some solid stars off of them. Another shout out to Neslepax for absorbing 4 attacks, sucking up those stars from our opponent. I wouldn’t be proud of this war, but I absolutely wouldn’t be upset about it either. This war is just a reminder that we are growing and that we have some work to do. Can’t wait to see you all in the next one. Final score of this war: FAILED SAINTS – 92, Ithryn – 102.

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Our YouTube Channel is LIVE!

So we now have an official clan YouTube channel for sharing outstanding attacks, attack strategies, ridiculous domination, or pretty much anything else FAILED SAINTS related. To get to our channel, click on the new “YouTube” button in the main control panel here on our blog, or just head over to http://www.youtube.com/user/failedsaints and bookmark it. Clash hard and clash on FS!


Get comfy and grab some popcorn; this is going to be a long one. This was our 7th war and our 5th win and I could NOT be happier with this incredible team that were putting together here. I just want to thank {~NOBAMA~} again for joining us and for bringing such incredible players over with him. The participation in this war was INCREDIBLE. Huge shout outs to “big B” Brian for having the most heroic attack and to AtomicLollit for having the most heroic defense – that base was a total star vacuum and I would highly suggest that players around AtomicLollit’s level check that base out. chrisopia also gets a shout out for taking on a whopping 8 attacks. Another shout out to Sameer for one of the most beautiful gowipe’s I have ever seen. The biggest shout out, however, goes to brian. brian exemplified in this war EXACTLY what we want this clan to stand for – playing for the team. brian spends lots of loot filling war castles and donating troops to players during war, and it is expensive. It would have been so easy for brian to look at the bases left, and the war bonus that would compensate him for his contributions, and take on a high level player hoping for a star and the loot. brian instead played for the team and took the star he knew he would have no problem getting, regardless of the loot. Because of his selfless action we won this war by one star. THAT is what we want this team to stand for. We play together for the success of each other. We want to create an environment where if someone is having an off day and they mess upĀ an attack, they dont have to play in fear of someone coming down on them. We want to encourage our members to perform well, to learn, and offer advice and strategy to every member to ensure success. We want to build an environment where players can openly ask questions, where we all play together to win, but we all play together to have fun. This was an AWESOME war against “team squiggles” (Id write their actual name but I have no idea how to write it) Everyone should be incredibly proud of this one. Final score of this war: FAILED SAINTS – 93, “squiggles” – 92

Photo Oct 13, 11 32 59 AM Photo Oct 13, 11 33 03 AM Photo Oct 13, 11 33 09 AM Photo Oct 13, 11 33 16 AM Photo Oct 13, 11 33 21 AM Photo Oct 13, 11 33 26 AM Photo Oct 13, 11 33 30 AM