Despite their inability to spell… we were bested this week in our war against Indo_Dinasty. I truly feel that this war could have been won had all of our members participated in war. This war illustrates how important it is for everyone to use both of their attacks. The other thing that this war demonstrated is how ineffective the barching strategy is for winning wars. Farming techniques do not win wars. Everyone needs to research and watch videos of proper warring techniques – strategies for dominating a base rather than just taking all of its resources. You will never be a truly strong player if you are unable to implement both farming techniques AND warring/domination techniques. Shout out to kenniel for having the most heroic attack. No heroic defense mention this war but a special thanks to Hawks518 for his war castle donations. Final score of this war: FAILED SAINTS – 75, Indo_Dinasty – 80.

Photo Sep 14, 1 58 17 PM Photo Sep 14, 1 58 35 PM Photo Sep 14, 1 58 39 PM Photo Sep 14, 1 58 46 PM Photo Sep 14, 1 58 49 PM


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