Welcome to FAILED SAINTS! Its so good to see you guys again and I am really excited about starting this new team with so many veteran players. Im sure a lot of people are wondering why I decided to start a new clan, rather than just carry on with the old one. I felt like we needed a clean slate; something to build on from the ground up. I thought that it was important to build something “non-metallic” because there is just so much history there and an expected way of doing things. We can truly call this new clan our own. So… brand new clan = brand new way of doing things. I want this clan to be an outstanding experience for anyone in the world of Clash who decides to join us.

One of the biggest changes is that all levels of players are welcome. I feel that this is very important because a players level doesn’t necessarily dictate how “good” of a player they are. We all started with nothing, and if it wasn’t for other clans taking us in and showing us the ropes and encouraging us, we never would have gotten to where we are now as players. It will make our clan SO much stronger to have people come in when they are fairly new, teach them strategies, and have them grow with us. This clan will never be set to a specific level of player only. Everyone is welcome, as long as they are willing to adopt strategies and are teachable.


As I said, this clan is open to all levels of players. The most important thing is a willingness to learn and the ability to execute what is being taught. I want kicking members to be a RARITY in this clan. As a new member you will be on an evaluation period for your first war with FAILED SAINTS. You will be required to attack a base either at your same TH level or one TH level lower. You will be evaluated based on your performance (not necessarily how many stars you win but on your attack strategy) and then the leadership will privately discuss next steps for each new member.


One of the newest changes to this clan is going to be the role of leadership. There are only 2 LEVELS of leadership in this clan: Leaders and Elders.

LEADERS: There will always be an odd number of leaders in the clan. If you are branded with a “co-leader” title, you are a leader. The “co” means nothing. As a leader you are required to sign up for a Voxer account. We will be using Voxer as our main means of private discussions about member and clan issues. The reason that there will always be an odd number of leaders in the clan is so there is never a split vote when discussing issues. Leaders are required to be very active in the clan – offering advice to members about attack strategies, maintaining the highest donation rations, and keeping up the morale of the team in chat. Its a lot of responsibility, but its the most important role within the clan. If you feel that you would be unable to take on these responsibilities at any time, please ask for a demotion until you are in a place where you would be able to commit the necessary time to the leader role.

ELDERS: The elders in this clan are essentially the “co-leaders”. This promotion will be given out to members who have consistently performed exceptionally in war, support the leadership staff in their goal to teach members effective strategies, have maintained a high level of donations within the clan, and are very active members. FAILED SAINTS will never have more than 15-20 percent of its members as elders. For instance, if we have 40 members in our clan, we will have approximately 6-8 elders in the clan. The elder role seems to always go overlooked, but in this clan, it is a VERY important role. Elders will also need to sign up for a Voxer account and will be involved in almost all of the leadership discussions (final votes on members and strategies will be voted on by the leaders, but elders will be polled for their position on clan issues) If at any time an elder feels they are unable to keep up with the elder duties, they may ask for a demotion and be considered for elder again when they have more time to devote to the game.


We love war in this clan. This being said, we have a very specific and organized way that we do war here.

DONATIONS: War donations are only to be made by the members in the clan with the highest level troops. Members with the highest level of troops will be listed under the War Donators tab on our blog. IF YOUR NAME IS NOT ON THE LIST, DO NOT DONATE TO WAR CASTLES. War time is the only time that members are allowed to request certain levels of troops. If you do not have the level of troop or type of troop being requested, do not donate to the player who is requesting.

RESERVING AN ATTACK: For every war there will be an entry on our blog in the “War Room”. The entry will consist of the name of our opponent and a brief kick off message. Each member of our clan is allowed to reserve one attack. To reserve an attack, comment on the thread under the entry with your player name and the number of the base you would like to reserve. Reserved attacks must be completed within 12 hours. It is the responsibility of the leadership in the clan to direct members to the War Room, in order to be sure no members are stealing reserved bases.


We ask in this clan that you donate as much as you ask for (or at least within the same ballpark) If it is noticed that your donation levels are extremely off-balanced, a member of the leadership team will bring it to your attention and ask you to re-balance your donations. There is not a specific number of donations that any member needs to maintain, just be sure to give as much as you receive.

It is our goal in this clan to have fun, bring up new players, create strong warriors, kick ass, and have an outstanding time while doing all of this. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask in the chat room, or even better, post your question here on the blog so that everyone can benefit from reading it. You may ask a question that someone else was thinking of. I will answer all questions ASAP. If you feel like an important point has been left off of this list please let us know and it will be added right away! Thanks so much for joining FAILED SAINTS! Now go build your armies and pick a fight with someone!


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